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IMPORTANT: Please read the terms of membership before joining:

As an Ythan RC Member:

  • You commit to helping at a minimum of 1 event between for each year you are a member. A helpers list is kept so vouchers can be handed out where appropriate.
  • You acknowledge that YRC tops must be worn by all riders taking part in Club Nights.
  • You acknowledge, that in taking part in any YRC XC training or competitions you are bound to wear a back protector and skull cap adhering to current standards, a long sleeved top, appropriate footwear and a medical armband – and that failure to do so will result in you not being able to take part.
  • You also acknowledge that the wearing of a back protector for SJ training and competition is strongly recommended.



To become a member and enter most of our competitions, please see the link below.

Using a system called “” to organise our events, it handily saves all your details, so searching for and applying for our events in future is simple.


Ythan Riding Club Members Guide

Download our guide which outlines objectives, club rules, information about club nights and more.


Ythan AGM 2021 will be held at The Cabin Equestrian Centre Cafe at 7pm 

We look forward to welcoming you to claim review the last year as well as collect trophies and prizes from this years competitions.